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October 18, 2021

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A quick word about Special Orders.....

If you have been to a grocery store or tried to place an online order recently, most likely you have seen the effects of the supply chain issues happening globally. The Restaurant Industry has been hit especially hard and it has been increasingly difficult to obtain our supplies in a timely manner. While we would LOVE to be able to accept any and all orders, we have to have deadlines when it comes to special orders so we have the correct amount of time to obtain the supplies we need. We ask that you are understanding to this when calling to place your orders.


Ordering & Deliveries:

ALL PRE-ORDERS MUST BE PLACED USING THE ORDER FORM PROVIDED in our weekly post. Website orders must be placed by 9am Tuesday mornings. We cannot accept orders after 9am Tuesday mornings. We do stock the Bakery fresh daily and encourage you to call or stop in for a same-day shop. We do not check the website orders until the end of each business day. We ask that all pre-orders and telephone orders are paid by credit card at time of ordering.


We deliver Thursday and Friday  11a-2p within 8 miles of our bakery.  Minimum $20 order with $5 delivery fee - if you order over $40 we waive the delivery fee. Delivery tips are greatly appreciated by our driver :)


Please do not leave orders on the voicemail or on our Facebook/Instagram pages. 

Jack O' Lanterns

October 27 - 30

PRE-ORDERS are open through 9am Tuesday October 26.  As always, we do bake every day to have retail stock on hand for our walk-in customers!

Choose orders for this week from our regular pie & quiche menu and our Party Provisons/Tailgater menu posted below.

Thanksgiving Pre-Ordering is OPEN! We will stop taking pre-orders 4pm Sunday November 14 so get your orders in! Also, remember to select items only from the posted Thanksgiving Menu. If it's not on the menu, it's not available! Thanks for understanding. :)

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