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January 25, 2022


January 25 - January 29

Pre-Orders are CLOSED for this week - if you missed out on pre-ordering Cottage Pies, stop in and grab some while we have them.




We will have Cottage Pies starting Wednesday this week - this only happens every 4-6 weeks so stop in and stock up! These are great for busy weeknights, or as a nice hearty dinner if you know someone recovering from illness. They come frozen, ready-to-bake and last in the freezer for a couple months.


Lightly gravied and seasoned minced beef with peas and carrots, topped with whipped potatoes and wrapped in our housemade pie crust. Comfort food at it's finest! 

6" ~ $7

9" ~ $17

GF 9" ~ $22

Family Pan ~ $45

February 1 - 5

Use the order form below to place your pre-orders! Ordering closes 9am Tuesday February 1st.


If you haven't had Jeni's Macaroni & Cheese, do yourself a favor and get some. Great to stock up and have on hand for those last-minute get togethers!


HOMESTYLE 4 CHEESE MAC & CHEESE with parmesan panko topping. Comes frozen, ready-to-bake.  


Individual $10

Family pan $35

As usual, you can place orders from our regular Pie & Quiche Menu as well as our Party Provisions Menu.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for daily announcements and Lunch specials!

February 1-5 Orders
Only for Mac & Cheese + Pie/Quiche orders - Cottage Pie ordering is CLOSED.

Jeni & The Team