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News from Jeni:

August 3, 2021


Visit our SHIPPING page for all the details!

Ordering & Deliveries:


ALL PRE-ORDERS MUST BE PLACED USING THE ORDER FORM PROVIDED in our weekly post. Website orders must be placed by 9am Tuesday mornings.  If you need a same-day shop, call the bakery between 9-2 Wed-Sat. We do not check the website orders until the end of each business day. We ask that all pre-orders and telephone orders are paid by credit card at time of ordering.


We deliver Thursday and Friday  11a-2p within 8 miles of our bakery.  Minimum $20 order with $5 delivery fee - if you order over $40 we waive the delivery fee. Delivery tips are greatly appreciated by our driver :)


Please do not leave orders on the voicemail or on our Facebook/Instagram pages. 


August 4 - 7

It's hard to believe we are in August already! Pre-orders are CLOSED. Please stop in and shop our retail selections!

We are making Chicken Pot Pie AND Cottage Pie this week! We make these once every month, so stock your freezers and don't forget to send your College kids off with some homemade goodness! 

Chicken Pot Pie:

6" - $7

9" - $17

9' Gluten Free - $27

Family Pan $45

Cottage Pie:

6" - $7

9" - $17

9" Gluten Free - $22

Family Pan - $45

Cookie Flavors: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter or Oatmeal/White Chocolate/Cranberry - available fresh baked or get 1/2 dozen of our ready-to-bake cookie balls.

Pies & Happiness, 
Jeni & The Team