Our Beginning

Jeni’s Ugly Pies started back in 2011 in my kitchen, and here we are today proudly serving the Highland area from our local storefront! 

We're a woman-owned, women-run company founded on a love for great, homemade, preservative free food. 

If your Gramma or Momma cooks like the dickens, and you can't seem to find anything to compare to it, you're gonna LOVE us. Momma's and Gramma's cookin' are what I gauge good food by!

The Ugly Truth

     "Why do you call them ugly?"


The most asked question in the history of us. No lie, we answer this question about 100-200 times a week!

So here it is, in  print.


The REAL reason:

Years ago, before all this good fortune and local fame, I was a home baker and avid cook.  The most requested BBQ and party item?  Pie. The catch: My crust was anything but pretty. Non conforming, anger inducing, "frankencrust". Yep, that bad. I walked into a party one afternoon with a pie, and guess what I heard? A girlfriend, under her breath, "ohhh, here comes another of Jeni's ugly pies!" 


Mind you, there was never a scrap of those pies left after a party, but they sure liked to give me heck over my inability to make a pretty crust! Does she know she inadvertently named my future business? NO! So shhhhh, don't tell!


The other reason:

Jeni's Pretty Pies sounds way too....well, just not as awesome.  We're a pretty ironic and self depreciating bunch, so, there it is!  Like it or lump it, I'm not changing the name, no matter how many suggest it!  (We still hope you like them, Ugly or not!)