The pies are ugly and the food is delish! 

Take a load off by ordering Jeni's Homemade Dinners! From Chicken Pot Pie to delicious Homemade Soups and Salads, you can guarantee a home cooked meal just like Mom used to make!

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Jeni's Party Provisions Menu

Have a party coming up and need some delicious appetizers?  Check out our Party Provisions Menu!


These items available by pre order only. As these are not our traditional offerings, please order by Wednesday each week for Saturday pick up (MINIMUM of 48 hours notice needed). 

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip ~ $14/qt.

Roasted, shredded chicken, triple cheese blend with a hint of blue cheese, and spicy Frank’s Red Hot sauce.

By the qt., ready for the oven or crock pot!

Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip mix ~ $12/qt.

Spinach, artichoke, water chestnuts, cream cheese, sour cream, parm and a slightly spicy red pepper kick.

By the qt., ready for the oven or crock pot!

Spicy Sausage Cheese Dip ~ $14/qt.

Spicy pork sausage, melting cheese, and a kick of cream and spices makes this our favorite family crock pot dip!

By the qt., ready for the oven or crock pot.

Goat Cheese Portobello dip ~ $15

Creamy Chevre, portobello mushrooms, garlic, shallots and spices.

Ready for the oven or crock pot, 8oz Chevre’ log w/ sauteed toppings

Fresh veggie tray ~ $25

Choose Ranch or Bacon cheddar dip!

(serves about 10-15)

Premium Cheese/Olive/Cured Meat Tray ~ $35

(serves about 10)

Shrimp Cocktail Platter ~ $35

2lb fresh cooked shrimp w/our signature homemade spicy horseradish cocktail sauce and lemon wedges