It started with one person offering a donation to help feed some people in our community during a global pandemic. Then, that donation was matched and from there, the donations just kept coming in. We could not be more proud to be a part of this movement and cannot THANK our donors enough. Being able to "Send a little bit of Happiness" is the highlight of our day, and YOU are making that happen. 

In 3 weeks, we have been able to send out over 50 donated meals to families in our community who needed a leg up. Some of them are people who have lost their jobs, some are first responders, and some are hospital workers who had to send their kids to live with relatives so they do not risk being exposed. The stories are vast and heartbreaking, but the love is HUGE!

Do you know someone you would like to nominate? We always include a card and can sign your name or leave it anonymous - that's up to you! OR, maybe you would like to donate to the Feed A Family Fund?  Either way, use the form below and Jeni will take it from there.  

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