Pie List

Please note - if you are attempting to place an order for a HOLIDAY,

we will always have a separate menu and specific order dates for each holiday.

Please do not order from this menu for holiday pre-orders.


Due to the ever-fluctuating cost of ingredients, pie prices are subject to change. 

Fruit & Nut Pies


Apple  $ 16

(crumb or traditional topped)

Blackberry  $ 18

(crumb or traditional topped)


Blackberry Chèvre  $21

(w/candied almond crumb topping)


Blueberry  $ 16

(crumb or traditional topped)


Blueberry Chèvre  $ 22

(w/candied almond crumb topping)


Browned Butter Bourbon Pecan  $ 19


Caramel Pecan  $ 17

(homemade caramel-based pecan pie)


Cherry  $ 18

(crumb or lattice topped)

Hawaiian  $ 18

(pineapple, mango, papaya with coconut pecan crumb topping)


Highland Beast: Spring/Summer  $ 18

(blend of Michigan grown apples, cherries, blueberries and local rhubarb)


Highland Beast: Fall/Winter  $ 17

(blend of Michigan grown apples, cherries, blueberries)


Mincemeat (seasonal)  $ 16

(traditional topped crust)


Peach  $ 16

(crumb or traditional topped)

Pumpkin - fresh roasted (seasonal)  $ 19

Pumpkin w/pecan - fresh roasted (seasonal) $21

(our traditional pumpkin with pecan crumble)

Raspberry  $ 20

(crumb or traditional topped)


Raspberry Chèvre  $ 23

(w/candied almond crumb topping)


Rhubarb (seasonal)  $ 18

(crumb or traditional topped)


Southern Gentleman  $ 19

(cherries and blackberry blend - crumb or traditional topped)


Strawberry, baked  $ 16

(crumb or traditional topped)


Strawberry glaze (seasonal)  $ 16

(fresh berries in light glaze in graham crust)


Strawberry Rhubarb (seasonal)  $ 18

(crumb or traditional topped)


Triple Berry  $ 20

(blackberries, blueberries and raspberries w/crumb topping)

Gluten-Free Pies

We are able to make most of our pies in a Gluten-Free option. While we do try to keep a limited supply of ready-to-bake Gluten-Free pies in the freezer, we recommend placing a special-order for your Gluten-Free request. All special orders require a minimum of 48 hours prior notice.


GF Crust - add $5 to regular price of pie

GF top & bottom crust - add $10 to regular price of pie

We can make any quiche Gluten-Free - add $5

Cream Pies


Ambrosia Pie  $ 16

(graham crust filled w/homemade whipped topping blend, w/pineapples, maraschino cherries, mandarin oranges, coconut and pecans)


Banana Cream  $ 16

(w/homemade whipped topping)


Banana Coconut Cream  $ 18

(w/homemade whipped topping)


Blueberry Cream  $ 18

(homemade vanilla cream pie with fresh blueberries folded in, topped w/homemade whipped topping)


Butterscotch Cream  $ 17

(w/homemade whipped topping)


Chocolate Cream  $ 16

(w/homemade whipped topping)


Chocolate-Coconut Cream $ 18

(w/homemade whipped topping)


Coconut Cream $ 16

(w/homemade whipped topping)


German Chocolate  $ 18


Killer Key Lime  $ 17

(our traditional Key lime with REAL key lime juice from Key West)


Lula's Lemonade Cream  $ 16

(graham crust filled with a light, tart whipped organic lemonade cream, topped w/homemade whipped cream and candied almonds)

Oreo Cream  $ 16


Peanut Butter Cream  $ 17

(w/chocolate ganache on graham crust)

Psycho Killer Key Lime  $ 19

(same traditional recipe as our Key Lime, but add toasted coconut and pecans!)


S’Mores Pie  $ 16

(graham crust filled w/marshmallow cream, topped w/marshmallows and drizzled w/ chocolate ganache)

Strawberry Cream Pie  $ 18

(homemade vanilla cream pie with fresh strawberries folded in, topped w/homemade whipped topping)


Sugar Cream Pie  $ 15


The Patriot (seasonal)  $ 20

(vanilla cream topped w/homemade whipped cream, topped with seasonal fresh berries)


Vanilla Cream  $ 16

(w/homemade whipped topping)


Bacon Quiche (swiss or cheddar cheese) $ 15


Broccoli Cheddar Quiche $ 15


Corned Beef Quiche (w/swiss cheese) $ 16


Dego Pie $ 16

(parmesan black pepper pie crust stuffed w/fresh Chèvre, tomatoes, garlic shallot and spices)


Ham Quiche (swiss or cheddar cheese) $ 15


Spicy Mexi Quiche $ 16

(Chorizo, onion, tomato, fresh jalapeno, 3 cheeses)


Veggie Quiche $ 15

(tomato, spinach, onion, asparagus & cheddar)

** Make any Quiche Gluten-Free - add $5

** Make any Quiche a Frittata! (no crust)